Charitable BBQ

The Spanish Pavillion, in a continuing effort to support the neighborhood causes, invites you to participate in our “Charitable BBQ” fundraiser program. “Charitable BBQ” is a fun and easy way for the Spanish Pavillion to assist you in raising funds for a cause or organization of your choice.


It’s simple! Your group reaches out into the community – contacting your members, constituents, families and friends, encouraging them to visit The Pavillion PATIO for a BBQ on the pre-selected day. Up to 70% of our proceeds from the $10 BBQ (excluding alcohol, tax and gratuity) is donated to your organization. This is a great community builder and everyone has to eat sometime right? At the Spanish Pavillion we are all about

supporting our neighborhood and building a community.


Admission: $15

Comes with all you can eat:

Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Pulled Pork, Ribs
Chicken, Corn, French Fries & Soft Drinks

Saturday and Sunday Afternoons only